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    Nightmare neighbours fall into several categories, but most of them have varying degrees of ignorance, inconsideration, selfishness, bloody-mindedness and lack of awareness.

    Now, there are innocent parties. The parents of a constantly screaming baby would like the noise to stop just as much as you would.  The hearing-impaired neighbour who turns the TV up to full volume doesn’t know …

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    Ignore them. 😊


    Does anyone have this problem. Neighbours who stick their nose into your business. Stare at you in the hallway. Make bitchy comments when you’re walking past.

    I live in a building where two owners/committee members own shops. One of them also lets residential units to 61% of building. They spread gossip to these tenants about owners corporation affairs. One of these tenants in particular thinks their gossip is gospel, and makes comments to me on common property.

    She actually knows nothing factually about the Owners Corporation’s affairs.

    I have asked the strata committee and strata manager to remind her about by-laws and nuisance, but they replied they do not want to get involved.

    What to do about this person?

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