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    I wonder if anyone can help? The next-door block of flats (owned by one  family and managed by a real estate agent, who rents out the six flats) has a downpipe on the side of the building that stops short of our block's entranceway, which stretches between the two buildings.

    Every time it rains, water floods from this downpipe across our entranceway, which includes a couple of stairs. Sometimes people slip entering or exiting our building and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious injury. Our strata manager has repeatedly contacted the real estate agent, who had said money was approved to have the downpipe redirected.

    But months and months later, nothing has been done. What do we do? We feel we’re being fobbed off by the real estate agent. Where can we go from here? It’s very frustrating – and dangerous! I’d love your suggestions! Thanks. 

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