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    So another day in strata paradise.


    A townhouse owner in our lot has installed CCTV on her external walls, even though she was explicitly refused previously as the OC intends on installing their own.


    Anyway, she was called out on it and she is trying every trick under the sun to not have to remove it.  After weeks of going back and forth, she is trying to have the wording of the EGM motion to read ‘all lots must remove unauthorised installations’.  Quite smart really, as while most are against the cameras, almost all units have made small changes over the years and few would vote for that.


    So I guess the question is, would that wording stand up?  Can you do a clean sweep of ‘unauthorised’ additions?  Is there a time limit on issuing notice to complys on changes that were made years ago and not challenged at the time?


    Alternatively, as we’re already completely dysfunctional, can we just repeal the ‘changes to common property’ and ‘appearance of lot’ by-laws and simply all do as we please?  Thanks!


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