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    Hi Jimmy

    I know this is an old chest nut . I am a first time strata owner . I could have a cat , but sadly I’m not cat lover . I would like to have a dog as I now live on my own . I have asked the president of the body corporation, who is very involved in the building as a Handyman, paid. I was told that cats only defiantly no dogs and written permission for any other pet. Kitty

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    Time to sit down with your chairman and explain that the world has moved on and bans like this are, until the new laws come in later this year, subject to challenge at NCAT, as being harsh and discriminatory and therefore invalid.

    When the new laws do come in, dogs will not be able to be “unreasonably” refused anywhere – meaning they can be rejected but only if there is a good reason.

    Also, what do your by-laws actually say about pets?  It may be different from the chair’s opinion. But, to reiterate, a blanket ban on dogs has ruled invalid by the Court of Appeal and that is the highest court in NSW.

    Have a look at this page and scroll down to “pets”

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