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    Hi Flat Chatters,

    New to high rise apartment living and looking for thoughts on OC levies.

    There will be 4 towers of mixed height, 1st stage settled then 2nd stage settled 3 weeks later the other 2 stages will settle over the next 12 – 15 months.

    Our OC levies were very inflated on settlement, it seems the developer (oc owner) has lumped the costs for the 4 OC’s for the 1st year on to 1st building.

    OC levies during purchase quoted approx $5 – 6 k, at settlement figure was just under $13k.

    Some 3 months later we have received a credit/refund due to the 2nd stage settlement, budget was reset as liability units went from 7,900 to 32,000.

    Is this normal as in my simple brain our stage should have only been responsible for 7,900 liability units with the developer covering the balance until the next stage settled.

    Have searched everywhere but cannot find info on staged developments, no mention in the “Act or Regulations”.

    Very grateful for any advice or experience shared.


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    Ahhh, that old trick. Levies can only be charged based on the unit entitlements of the lots.  Bills can only be charged for the specific strata schemes and any common property they share with other schemes.  If your scheme is being charged for anything, you are entitled to see the bills and receipts.  That should put a stop to any shenanigans.

    Do a quick search for Faraway Girl and see how a first-time developer tried (and failed) to get his first few owners to pay his bills.

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      Hi Jimmy-T

      Thank you for the information.

      Inquired about getting a soft copy of the OC Register, the CAV vic website states max 3.03 fee units ($14.45)+ GST so less than $50. Ha ha ha our OC Managers have an administration fee of $192.50 that I can’t get out of.

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