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    Enough of Strata


    I have discovered an irregularity where the OC (at a GMtg) instructed the SM to get an engineers report and recommendation for building repairs.  ie a “Scope of works” recommendation, & then seek quotes based on that recommendation for the OC approval at a GMtg.

    It appears the Secretary instructed the SM to add into the contractor requests for quotes some additional items being shade screens which were not there before (capital improvements), by e-mail which I have sighted, and the lowest quote was approved at the GMtg (by Ordinary resolution, which is a further issue).

    Now this has been identified does anyone know if the Office bearers and Fidelity Guarantee insurance would need to be considered for such a matter, and possibly get notified as a possible claim, and if the SM will not do it can an individual Lot owner do so?

    I know little about insurance or if such a matter should be brought to the Insurer’s notice.  (NSW <20Lots).  Those involved have not changed – same Ctee.    So sad to find this.

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    Fidelity Guarantee insurance generally covers “fraudulent misappropriation” of funds.  Was the secretary trying to acquire personal sunshades on the strata scheme’s dime? Or was he or she just over-reaching on the remit they had been given.  If it’s the latter, it’s not even close to fraud or misappropriation.

    Don’t ascribe to malice anything that can just as easily be explained by incompetence.

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    Enough of Strata

    Thanks for the advice. it is appreciated. It would appear to be the latter.

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