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    I recently purchased an apartment which is located in a circa 1970 built block.  During the recent high winds, the bedroom window was noticeably rattling – as if the glass pane is loose – so much so, I thought it would blow out or shatter based on the loud cracking noise that resulted whenever the strong winds hit the window.  I slept on the lounge as the noise was quite frightening.

    I contacted the Strata Manager the next morning and was told that the window is not classified as common property and any maintenance would be the owner’s responsibility.

    On speaking with a friend who owns an apartment in an even older block (1960s) that recently had all the windows replaced and paid for by Strata, I’m querying whether the advice I received from my Strata Manager is indeed correct.

    Looking forward to the learned views of the Flat Chat forum.

    Many thanks in advance.




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