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    One of our 15 strata owners went away last year and may have been caught in a COVID lockdown. The owner returned in May. Meanwhile, no levies have been paid on that lot for a year and the debt is about $7000 plus legal costs. The AGM is approaching, the debt is obvious on our annual accounts and we need money for a range of important works.

    Committee members know very well who is responsible but some owners might not. Can the identity of the rebellious owner be stated at meetings?

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    A lot balance report should already being going out with every General Meeting Agenda. To show the individual balances of lots. As to have voting rights at a meeting (or be elected to the committee) an owner must not owe any debt to the owners corporation regarding the levies due on the date the Agenda was Sent.

    Basically if they owe money all owners need to know before the meeting. so that it is clear if an owner can vote.

    But if the Agenda notes an owner owes an amount of money and they pay it to the Owners corporation before the meeting then they are allowed to vote.

    If agenda does not include it, then I would simple ask at the being of the meeting for the Chair to confirm which lots are entitled to vote and which lots owe a debt and how big is the debt.

    Sir Humphrey

    You could include among the financial statements send out with the meeting notice the listing of units and their financial status. Most likely most have balances of $0.00 but some will be a few cents or a few dollars ahead or behind, and then one will be clearly well in arrears.

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