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    I am unfortunate enough to live in a very dysfunctional BC complex of 5 terrace style units. Each one has a courtyard at the rear of the property and my neighbour and I have a large wall of bamboo (non-invasive type) which provides privacy from the businesses behind the complex, provides shade in summer as it directly west to the rear and acts as a reducer of noise from a busy street.


    Despite the bamboo being there for almost 10 years, three other unit holders are now wanting it trimmed and then maintained every year to below the height of a certain part of the building. My neighbour and I have objected and at the AGM the “other three” passed a by-law the the plants must be maintained by the individual unit holder to a set height. We are now in breach of the stupid by-law and would like to know what are our chances of fighting this and winning. I am aware that in strata you only own 3m above the ground but for a terrace style development where each unit is 3 stories that is rather generic and irrelevant.


    Any help or suggestions to fight this would be greatly appreciated.    

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