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    Our units have tilting garage doors. One of the tilting hinges needs attention. We (the OC) paid a man about $250 to tighten the spring attachment. He advised that his repair was not permanent and he quoted about $2000 to replace both hinges, which is probably a fair price.

    We (the strata committee) have been advised by a handyman that hinge replacement isn’t necessary; it would suffice to brace the weakened part of the existing hinge with a cut-to-size piece of steel for perhaps $50.

    The owner doesn’t think that’s good enough. But how can the committee justify $2000 when there is a much cheaper alternative? What do we tell the owner?

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    $250 for a spring adjustment was a fair price.

    Having had to deal with tilt doors I was advised by a tilt a door specialist that springs do stretch over time and need replacement.

    There are many specialist repairers out there. Get one of them in, not a handyman, to inspect and give you a quote.

    $2000 to effect repairs is too high since you can buy and have installed a new door for less than that price.

    Since the door is common property, the OC decides what repairs to effect, not the lot owner.


    Why don’t you try the cheap option and give an undertaking to the owner that if it doesn’t work you will proceed with hinge replacement?

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