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    We are starting a friendly support group (non-profit) for owners who are in the minority.

    Discuss: Harassment, non compliance with the law & OC Act, VCAT action, self representation, lawyers, rogue managers & committees, etc.

    The group will include owners who have experienced the pitfalls of Owners Corporation, managers, committees, & VCAT action first hand, and came out on top.

    Support given to VCAT applicants.

    Educate yourself about OC, and get tips on how to handle corruption, committees, managers and VCAT.

    We meet on the second Sunday of each month at 2pm, close to Melbourne.
    Email contact ochelp@mail.com

    NB: See posts below – this group may be defunct by now.

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    (from Victoria)

    Is this email correct :   ochelp@mail.com  as it  has bounced back

    (from Victoria)

    This post is nearly 6 years old.  Does this support group still exist?


    I think you have answered your own question.  The most active group in Victoria is “We Live Here” and their email address is campaign@welivehere.net.  Their website is http://www.welivehere.net but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated for a while.

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