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    I am a renter.  Our block has no parking nor space for parking.  Adjacent to our property is an access road which the council tells is a “split road” In other words it’s a public road.  It was reently beautified by the council and a perfect car parking space was created at the end of the road, near our our building.  A few people park there including me and another resident from my building.  It’s a space that doesn’t impede anybody.  Further down the street is a No Stopping sign which until recently was obscured by trees.  I and another resident from our property park overnight in that space a couple of times a week.   I am feeling quite a degree of intimidation from some owners in the building.  I have had unsigned notes left under the wipers, my tyre let down, an owner approach me at my door and berate me and a letter in my letter box from another owner.  I don’t know whether the other resident is berated similarly.  There has even been two letters from the Strata Mgr who has been misled about the fact the parking is on public land not common property.   To me its bizarre.  I don’t want to engage with these people about it but I am now feeling intimidated by them and considering moving out although I don’t want to as I live in an almost perfect apartment.  I am deliberately avoiding telling you why I park there because I think it shouldn’t matter to the Strata.

    I’d like your opinion on whether this could be regarded as harassment and whether you think there is anything I could do, other than not parking there, to stop this nonsense.  I’d just like your opinions.


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