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    I live in a gated complex of approx 40 town houeses (NSW). We have had ongoing and sustained issues (we are talking many years) of residents parking in both vistors parking as well as on the driveway (common property) which provides vehicle access to everyones house/garages/parking spots. It has gotten to the point now where our bins dont get collected and deliveries cant get through to our house because of residents who have parked their cars in the driveway blocking access, in addition to having our own access blocked.

    Additionally, we need to plan ahead to have any guests over becuase we know there wont be parking in the visitors car park because they are full of residents vehcilces.  There is also pretty much no street parking. I basically need to park my own car about 750m away from my house so that our visitors can park in our spot (if they can even get through).

    Whenever anyone tries to make noise about this or take photos of offending vehicles to send through to the strata manager, all hell breaks lose. The Strata Committee secretary tried taking some photos of offending vehicles a few months back and was almost assualted by the owner of the vehicle and the police needed to be called.

    When I raised the issue on our facebook group a few days ago because we cant get deliveries through, I was basically told to shut my big mouth by the usual suspects who block the access. I have raised this issue again with our strata manager  and exec committee, and requested a strata meeting to discuss the issues and work out a solution. Clearly one of them have let some of the other owners know I have made this request, and the usual suspects have again attempted to shut me up saying that they will have the by-laws changed at the strata meeting to allow residents to park on the common property.  I would like some clarity/feedback on the following:

    1) I assume the by-laws cant be changed to allow owners to block other owners vehicle access to their own homes through parking on the common property?

    2) What measures should I request be taken at the strata meeting to resolve this issue, particularly given the fact that it is very difficult to have owners police the by-laws due to fear of reprisals from other residents. Many of the owners live in fear of these bullies and so dont say anything. I am thinking having strata erect propor and clear signage around where vistors and owners can and cant park (currently we only have sigange indicating what is vistior parking), and also request the strata manager to come and do spot checks to police the by-laws and issue fines/notices to infrignging vehicles. I have also raised the issues with council to see if they would be willing to enter into an agreement with strata to manage the parking, and they have basically said no.

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