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    I've been living in apartments for the last 6 years, and in the 3 blocks I've lived in (2 small blocks less than 20 units, and 1 large 200+ unit block), everything has been done the “old-fashioned” way, ie paper-based noticeboards, paper-based levy notices, in-person meetings, etc.. yet would seem to be a lot more efficient to do some/all of these things online.


    Am interested to hear about people's experiences with online strata services. eg

    – online noticeboards or email notifications

    – online levy notices/payment collection and reconciliation

    – meetings using tele/video-conferencing

    – any other common services being managed online


    Particularly interested to hear thoughts on:

    1. What works vs what is done better the old way? 

    2. Have they replaced the old paper-based ways, or do you still need to do both? 

    3. How common is it for these services to be done online? Are most people still doing it the old-fashioned way, or have most moved online?



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