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     Hi Everyone

     So the thing is, ‘math’ is not my strong suit. I am in Sydney. Could someone please answer these questions for me in regards to the 5% allowed for proxies.

    1. Is the five percent calculated on the whole of the Entitlements of a Strata Plan or just 5% of the people who bothered to vote? Big difference

    2. Does the 5% include you own entitlements or on top off and as well as your own entitlement.

    3.When and who should be calculating them. Who is responsible?

    4. How is this then advertised to the owners?

    5. How much % can a non owner carry?

    6. What happens to proxies given to  people who don’t show up to meetings?

    7. If you give your proxie to the chairman ( strata manager) and clearly state your wishes and he abstains is that legal?

     Our Strata guy is counting hands at meetings whether one has 5 lots or one lot. 

    THanks for any help  you can give I better get a calculator



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