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    In the latest building committee minutes I could not believe what I was reading. On level 1 we have a pool and beautifully maintained gardens and open space. A resident hosting a children’s birthday party brought two ponies yes ponies up in the lift for the occasion.
    I can only imagine the fear of the animals being shoved in a residential lift and then jettisoned into a screaming kids party. What is the harshest penalty that can be levelled to these people?
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    No seriously, the OC cannot hand out penalties, that’s up to the tribunal.

    You can’t regulate against stupidity. There is always someone who is going to try on something new. Who would have thought of bringing a pony into a lift.

    Hopefully this is a one of event. A polite letter from the committee to the offender may make them realize the folly of their actions.
    Altenatively a letter from the committee to all residents asking that they notify the committee if they are going to transport unusual articles in the lift.

    Perhaps you have a by law about pets. Pets usually require the permission of the OC. Tell them they need approval, even if they don’t own that animal. ( The lot owner is responsible for the animal because they ordered it).

    Figuratively the horse has bolted, so unlikely to “punish” the offenders this time.

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