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    It’s been a while since we asked Flatchatters what they think about this UnAustralian lifestyle of living on top of each other, sharing space and having to tolerate each other’s foibles (while expecting them to put up with ours).

    We love living in apartments but we know this lifestyle isn’t perfect.  So let’s get all our gripes and grumbles off our collective chests.

    Choose up to three responses from the options below, so go for it.

    Have fun!

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    The one person that complains and abuses all of us in our complex for everything and anything. None of us do any of the poll options as we are too busy and scared as so we tip toe around. Said person is guilty of noise ALL the time and rogue parking….


    Tip-toeing is good for getting you through tulips … and nothing else.  Bad things happen when good people do nothing.


    Death threats and constant, ongoing attempts to litigate against those who seek to see legislation and the Residential status on our homes upheld.


    Owners who live in a bubble within the strata scheme and don’t realise (or care) that their actions (or lack of action) affects the whole scheme.


    Obnoxious tenants who stay for years, speaker phones on balconies and people who think others should just put up with their barking dog.


    Owners who do nothing to help not even pick up paper at the mailbox and but in bin, but are happy to complain to other owners or SM about, the committee, but won’t be a committee member because there life is too busy!  


    Inconsiderate selfish a-holes who keep their double garage empty and then park their two vehicles all day, every day in limited visitor parking spots. What the hell is wrong with people?


    Dumb-as-dogshit neighbours who cannot be bothered sorting their recycled rubbish (cans and bottles), from paper bins and putrescible rubbish bins. Council won’t empty recyclable bins with putrescible waste inside and just leave them at the kerb until someone sorts the bin contents out. By that time maggots are breeding. Also, there’s the bin morons who put discarded pizza boxes in the paper recycling bin. This is despite pictured signs on the wall of the garbage room sent out by Council explaining everything about waste collections.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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