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    I’m another concrete cancer sufferer caught in the middle of sketchy committee and agent management. My apartment has been uninhabitable since Mar.

    Been incredibly hard with most of my emails ignored, no committee meetings/notices on record for a few years and obstructing access to records at every turn.

    I’ve now invested weeks accumulating so far what I can and learning about Strata law to figure out where to turn. But before I do, I want to make sure I don’t screw anything up. So very specifically:

    1) Can I share records copied at inspection with:

    a) Laywers

    b) Persons without legal license but engaged to assist with research

    v) Anyone I feel like?

    2) What might render information I want to present as no longer valid evidence; For example, say I published an online idiots guide on concrete cancer and published my images – would that, or any other scenario have effect.

    3) Can I publish honest / accurate accounts of exchanges with my agent to openly solicit help or show/ask others if they experience the same treatment?

    Thanks, I’ll be posting a bunch more on here depending on your advice!

    Dusty Rusty

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    Unless there has been a court order that information revealed during a case is  “sealed” then you can publish or show anything you like to anyone you want (only not on this forum as we don’t have that level of defamation insurance).

    But if you have the evidence, why aren’t you doing the simple thing and taking your owners corporation to the Tribunal seeking orders compelling them to so something and compensate you for your losses accrued while they failed to act.


    I’m in process learning what rights I have, what orders I can make and was hoping to pay a paralegal and ask others advice before hiring representation.

    Hence asking on this forum for answers to specific questions…


    Very interested in hearing more of your story – we too are concrete cancer sufferers – over 2 years of pain, loss of rent, dysfunctional SC, lack of communication  etc etc etc.  We have been forced into legal action and awaiting NCAT hearing dates etc.  In the meantime I have been sacked from the strata committee because of ‘conflict of interest’, ie taking legal action.  Been refused email copies of strata meeting agenda and minutes – the list goes on.  Our unit is unrentable (uninhabitable is very hard to claim on insurance, even though the flooring is dangerous, trip hazards etc we can actually use the unit as the power is on and the sewer still works). 


    dustyrusty don’t use a paralegal, it is a waste of money, they won’t have any expertise.  Put your facts together and go and see a lawyer.

    Sir Humphrey

    Reading on this forum and talking to others might help you to assemble the relevant facts clearly and succinctly and formulate a set of pertinent questions. Being prepared can save you time, and consequently money, when you talk to a lawyer, but take Scotland’s advice and use a proper lawyer for that advice. 


    Beginning with the end in mind – do you have several quotes to rectify that you can present to the owners corporation?

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