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    I’m another concrete cancer sufferer caught in the middle of sketchy committee and agent management. My apartment has been uninhabitable since Mar.

    Been incredibly hard with most of my emails ignored, no committee meetings/notices on record for a few years and obstructing access to records at every turn.

    I’ve now invested weeks accumulating so far what I can and learning about Strata law to figure out where to turn. But before I do, I want to make sure I don’t screw anything up. So very specifically:

    1) Can I share records copied at inspection with:

    a) Laywers

    b) Persons without legal license but engaged to assist with research

    v) Anyone I feel like?

    2) What might render information I want to present as no longer valid evidence; For example, say I published an online idiots guide on concrete cancer and published my images – would that, or any other scenario have effect.

    3) Can I publish honest / accurate accounts of exchanges with my agent to openly solicit help or show/ask others if they experience the same treatment?

    Thanks, I’ll be posting a bunch more on here depending on your advice!

    Dusty Rusty

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