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    Our AGM is next week (my first one!).  Thought it may be handy to get approval to instal a/c in our tenant’s bedroom in case they ask (haven’t yet).  Obviously would rather not have the expense but if we need to then don’t have to muck around time-wise.  So the condenser would be on our balcony, unseen from the street and not near anyone else’s apartment.  Can I just table this as ‘other business’ or need to supply more information than pretty much what I’ve just said?  Thanks flat-chatters.

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    First of all, if you don’t already have this on the agenda for the AGM, it’s already too late.  There is no such thing (or there shouldn’t be) as “other business” on AGM agendas as everybody  in the block is entitled to know in advance everything that’s being discussed.

    However, the good news is that installation of air conditioning is regarded as a “minor” renovation and therefore only needs the approval of a simple majority of owners at a general meeting (which in most situations actually means the strata committee acting on behalf of owners) which can’t be unreasonably refused.

    So normally I would tell you to gather together as much information as you can about the installation, the design of the equipment and the qualifications of the people who will install it.  But since you don’t want to actually do this right now, I wouls say wait till you need it or ask the committee if they have any fundamental objection ot air-con and what you’d need to do to overcome that.

    No strata committee worth its salt is going give you a blank cheque to install equipment about which even you don’t know the details.  Neither should they bluntly refuse without good reason.

    That’s not to say neither of those scenarios may eventuate, but the critical issue is that you can’t push this too far until you have more detail to offer.


    I agree with Jimmy – but add that you need to also find out whether there is a by-law that covers installation of a/c. The bylaw would cover noise from the unit, water drips, location of condenser, damage to common property during installation etc.



    Am in the ACT. The Exec Committee 10 years ago decided to approve installation of a monster air con onto the common property building wall.

    If each 36 units  decided to do this it would not be possible.

    Does a Houserules document addressing requirements allow Body Corporate to action a decommissioning by the owner now? Or will a paid by law be needed?

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