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    Looking for the process where I can schedule an EGM for the Strata to vote on particular motions.

    What defines quorum?

    What if quorum is not met at the EGM?


    1. EGM has date set and strata owners notified
    2. Quorum is not met
    3. Come back a week later? Is quorum no longer required?

    Does the above look correct? Also, even if quorum is not met, is 75% still required for a special resolution to pass?

    AvatarColonel Schultz

    Most of the information for General Meetings is contained in Schedule 1;

    From Fair Trading general meetings

    If there is no quorum within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, the Chairperson must either:

    • adjourn the meeting for at least 7 days, or
    • declare a quorum and go ahead with the meeting. The quorum is then the owners and proxies present who are entitled to vote

    In short, the meeting can go ahead with those in attendance forming the quorum.

    And it is only a 75 percent vote (as calculated by unit entitlements) of those in attendance in person or by proxy that is required to pass a special resolution (in NSW).

    For instance, if you have a general meeting in a block of 100 owners and only 10 turn up but eight of them vote in favour of the special resolution, then it has passed (provided the votes for are more than 75 percent of the unit entitlements of those voting).

    That’s one of the reasons that special resolutions requiring a 75 per cent of the vote must be clearly identified as such on the agenda.



    Apologies I sent an email because I had forgotten how to post in this forum.

    My question is can you change the number of committee members set at an AGM?  We had 3 committee members, 2 have resigned and an EGM has been called.  Can we put in a motion to increase the number of committee members or do we have to wait till the next AGM?

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