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    We are selling our single story villa. The advertising erected by real estate displays the cosmetic updates have made – replaced kitchen benchtop, oven, sink and taps (no new wiring or plumbing, changed downlight to pendant light, and installed cupboards and benchtop in place of old freestanding sink (no change to plumbing) We had strata approval for only major renovation (bathroom) they created bylaw to pass any issues with entire bathroom onto us.
    Strata is now requesting inspection to note our changes.
    Are we required to allow inspection?
    We are  in cooling off period with buyer and nervous how this will look if new bylaws appear

    Much appreciated

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    Installing a new kitchen (without major structural works) is a minor renovation and, as such, you only need to let the committee know you are doing it (in advance) as their permission can’t unreasonably be refused.

    So what is the actual issue here?  That they will get annoyed that you didn’t ask for permission?  Big deal.

    Worst case scenario, you don’t let them in and they put a note on the strata record that they demanded inspection and you refused (which you are entitled to do provided there are no orders from NCAT).

    If your lack of notice on the kitchen reno was a genuine oversight, and you really haven’t crossed the line into common property, invite them in, pour them a glass of wine, apologise profusely and look forward to moving into your new home.

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