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    As I understand it:

    For schemes with more than 20 lots, a person will not be able to hold proxies for more than 5% of the total number of lots in that scheme (rounded down to the nearest whole number).

    Say 5% of my strata equals 2 lots and I find myself with 3 proxies, that is in excess of 5%.

    Can I merely pass the surplus proxy – as is – to anyone (who has less than 2 proxies) or must a notation be made on the said proxy by me or by the original proxy giver to indicate who it is that shall be exercising the proxy at a meeting?

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    For clarity’s sake, 0-39 lots allow one proxy vote per proxy holder, 40-59 allows two proxy votes, 60 to 79 allows three etc etc.

    You can’t just pass on the votes to another person but the standard proxy form has a space for the lot owner who’s giving you the proxy to nominate a second person to carry the proxy if you are over the limit.

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