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    Hoping to get some information on proxies in relation to attending the annual strata meetings. I am based in NSW within a block of 14 units and am able to get a proxy form signed by an owner who also attends so that I can simply have a say on various items on the agenda as needed but the information I have been given about this is a little confusing. The wording on the standard proxy form alludes that I would be able to speak & vote unless the owner speaks up and votes themselves ( ok fair enough and pretty straight forward ) However I have also been advised that if the owner is also attending the same meeting then the OC and / or strata committee and/or strata manager can if they wish for any reason decline me from speaking or voting. Does this seem to be correct ? as I suspect not.

    On another part which I recently read if the If the above proxy does allow me the right to speak and there is the new clause in place limiting “Tenants at meeting” ( where they can be asked to leave whilst certain matters are being discussed ) would I be obliged to leave the room or remain given I do have a proxy ?

    Any information provided would be appreciated.

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