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    A tenant in our Strata of 12 in NSW wishes to vote at an upcoming EGM. The owner of the Lot  is a company which is in receivership and has a manager appointed to run the receivership company.

    The tenant is responsible for all expenses associated with the Lot including Levies Special Levies  insurances etc. He asked the Liquidator’s manager to give a Proxy to me (as he will not be there) so I can vote on his behalf at the next EGM as a Special Levy for cosmetic work is to be voted upon and he wants me to vote against the motion.

    The liquidator has given the Proxy to the Strata Manager not to me as requested by the tenant. This is despite the fact that the liquidator has given a Proxy to another tenant in our strata . This seems highly unfair as it is NOT the Strata manager who will have to pay the Special Levy. 

    The Strata Manager is also chairing the meeting. Can he hold only ONE Proxy?

    Is there any recourse as the tenant will be financially disadvantaged and the Levy is substantial. He can’t  sell to raise money as he does not own the unit.


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