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    Our small strata needs to have lintels replaced over several windows as they are rusting away.  We have a house built around 1900 and converted around 16 years ago.  

    As the main contact of the body corporate I’m wanting to get an engineers report (as should have been recorded in the AGM minutes, or subsequent notes) to advise on exactly what to do and how to proceed, whereas others just want to get a builder in and “start doing it”.  Problem is we’ve received a couple of quotes of wildly varying pricing, and different ways of handling the work.

    I have no knowledge of construction or major repairs, and neither do any of the other owners.  My concern is if we go straight with a builder, we could end up with somebody who turns on the charm or just sounds knowledgeable.  

    I also want to use the report to put together our 10 year plan.  Our strata manager has been very lax in assisting us, despite requests and many discussions.

    Appreciate advice.

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