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    This is an enquiry about Committee and Strata processes/laws rather than about the wisdom of the decision.

    Committee motioned to change a utility provider and this was majority approved. The change has not yet been implemented.

    Now, one committee member who did not attend the relevant presentations and a Committee meeting to discuss /vote on the change seems to be actively lobbying against the change, as determined by:
    – receipt of emails from the person and recipient ‘lobbyees’
    – a petition against change has been put on the notice board

    As indicated, setting aside the wisdom of the change, is there a process to follow  when a member of Committee effectively ‘breaks ranks’?

    Concerns include undermining confidence in Committee decisions and in the change process, if that now goes ahead

    The AGM is coming up, too




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    It’s up to the owners to decide at the next election.  Committee members aren’t obliged to follow the party line – and it’s good that they aren’t.  And they are entitled to campaigh in the community against decisions they think are wrong.

    But if they are just being bloody-minded, you get rid of them at the next AGM by adding a more amenable owner to your “ticket” or reducing the number of seats on the committee so there’s not room for them.

    You could even explain to owners that this person is disruptive and let them decide for themselves.

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