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    I live in a building on Sydney’s lower northern shore with approximately 150 units. We are currently looking at the option of changing our building manager (BM). 

    Our current BM is relatively hands-off and does not abide by the agreed schedule of duties, which has been discussed with him but unfortunately without resolution. 

    We are looking for a more hands-on BM and would welcome any recommendations that people may have. 



    The two I know best (and trust) are Manage Meant and Francis Management. Click on the links to get to their websites and tell them I sent you.



    @JimmyT said:
    The two I know best (and trust) are Manage Meant and Francis Management. Click on the links to get to their websites and tell them I sent you.


    Further to your recommendations i would assume that there are ” Horses for Courses”.  By that I mean the age of the building and the size etc.

    I’m talking about a SP in NSW of 36 units and the building built in 1972. 

    The plan has a large EC with only a few members who have any knowledge of building maintenance and repair

    The Owners have been waiting for 3-4 years for some very expensive !major projects to be carried out and the way things are progressing it will be another few years before anything is done !

    Knowing the size etc. of the SP, can you add any other recommendations for a BM?


    An update to the above. As well as Jimmy’s two recommendations (thanks Jimmy) we received three other recommendations from other sources. We spoke to each, ended up meeting four of them face to face and eventually selected Michael Baird of Transparent Facilities Management.

    Why did we pick him? – he was very knowledgeable, up front, passionate, and his company was a mid-sized firm where we knew we wouldn’t just be one of the numbers. 


    Following this post…interested to hear your feedback in three months please


    justsaying, you were asking for an update three months later but I am just getting to it now, five months later.

    It has been six months since we switched over to Transparent FM, and we couldn’t be happier. Michael and his team onsite have drastically changed our complex for the better.

    As they are a small company (only 6 or 7 buildlngs I think), the owner Michael is very hands on and handles all the after hours and emergency calls himself. Also as he has so many years of experience and a network of contacts, he is able to backup the slightly less experienced staff that work onsite at our building four hours a day, five days a week.

    Every week a resident will stop me and tell me how much better run the complex is. Now this is not all due to Transparent, but we also changed our Strata Manager, our Cleaner and almost all our contractors in the past six months as well. While this has been a time consuming endeavour it has made our residents life a lot better. This is evidenced by the Xmas cards and chocolates being left for the BMs at their desk in the past week.

    If any SC member from Sydney wants some info re the companies we are using, and why, please IM me, and I will come back to you offline directly (don’t want to break Forum rules).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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