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    New to group 🙂

    I am the secretary of a strata committee.

    We are in need of changing our current Strata management and very confused of how to proceed 🙁

    We have been with our company for over 5 years and the problem is they keep on changing our strata manager, the original was fantastic, but the current one, being the 4th, we are not happy with 🙁

    They also seem to now have a lot of extra fees added to what they do, which is interesting as in the last year our committee has been doing a lot more than what we used to (due to our manager not getting things right or not auctioning requests 🙁 )

    Reading reviews and how to “find the right company” and there is so much conflicting information out there!!!!!

    Any recommendations of how to find the “right” company very much appreciated 🙂


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    Hi All,

    I’d be really interested in how you assess the online and digital capability of the firms that tender. As a committee members, management is so much easier if there is online transparency for everything a potential strata manger does. Checking minutes, checking draft agendas, checking budgets, checking vouchers supporting expenditure, etc. I’d also be interested to here how you would assess building managers versus strata managers. For a while I though our small plan needed a new strata manager, but the more I learn about this I’m thinking we need to pay extra for a casual building manager.


    Strata AnswersStrata Answers
    (from NSW)

    Hi Flatchatter,

    It certainly can be very confusing. How do you compare all the various options? Who do you trust?

    We find the best way is to run a tender process.

    Firstly we establish what the committee wants from a strata manager. Build a scope and then take this to tender. We then evaluate the responses and present to the committee. The committee then interview the most suitable candidate/s & make their selection.

    We are able to assist you with this process. If you are interested send us an email & we can certainly put you in touch with other committee members who have taken this route and have found it extremely helpful.

    Strata Answers

    Strata AnswersStrata Answers
    (from NSW)

    Strata Answers runs Tenders for Strata Management and the process is rigorous. It follows the principle that “Keymaster” highlighted – that the Agreed Fee should include ALL routine duties so as to minimise the Extras “Sch B Fees,” over which there can be little verification or control.

    Tenders are based on services a particular scheme considers relevant to their needs ( no. of strata meetings included etc) and conducted via a formal process culminating in interview by the Committee.

    A tight process is likely to see some of the less customer focused strata managers drop out as their cookie cutter agreements are unacceptable.

    As you know social media is awash with bouquets and brickbats for strata managers and is of  no real help. There are sites that will find you a strata manager for free, but beware, these sites are often commissioned from the first year of your strata management fees and many strata managers are not listed because they do not wish to be party to such fee arrangements.

    Strata Answers declares its interest in fee based  Strata Manager Tendering, but trusts the above assists.


    There are two elements to this.  The first is to get some stability with your strata managers, the next is to get the right contract.

    Some strata managers will charge you a low up-front fee then slug you for every phone call they make or receive, or email they read or send.  These are what they call Schedule B charges.

    Others will charge you a higher, all-inclusive fee.  A few greedy buggers will charge you both.

    As far as recommendations go, just scroll to the top of these pages and click on the ad for Strata Choice, our long term sponsors, and have a chat with them about your issues.

    Or you could look at a new service  that offers to get you five strata management quotes.  I have no idea how good it is, but then, how bad could it be?


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