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    So I’m diving into what appears to be the murky world of strata finances and account keeping and have requested  from the OC a record of the various fees and costs charged to individual lots and the subsequent reimbursement by lot owners of those various charges. All this is separate to the regular levies.

    The reason for the request is that some lot owners expanded their coutyards onto common property (as allowed by the OC) against payment of a yearly “fee”. Some owners have also used OC supplied and paid for tradies to conduct private repairs and renovations to their lots with the requirement to refund the OC at completion. Sometimes the work was done at the same time as common property work and the bill is to be split accordingly.

    The issue is that there is no evidence of lot owners being charged or lot owners having paid or refunded these various “private” costs.

    I asked the strata manager to see the evidence including original invoices/bills but she advised that once those costs or charges are paid or re-imbursed by the individual lot owner they “disappear”. I certainly don’t believe her but as I don’t know what I’m looking for I can’t challenge her.

    Does each lot have an individual “account” against which all charges/costs/levies and payments must appear so that they can be reconciled? What is it called and am I permitteed to view such a record?

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