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    Hi Everyone,

    Any idea what would SM to do when one of committee member no response to confirm to carry out electrician test for remove the conduit (majority passed on EGM)which was appeared in the car park.  As SM request both CM for confirmation , then he can issue the works order. Does the committee member can do this ? If she still persist no confirm, does the test cannot go ahead by electrician?

    Further, she also no response to confirm the provider to do the Pest control service in common area.

    So, the outstanding works are unable to smooth go ahead for issue the work order by SM.


    Appreciate have good advice







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    This needs a good edit but I am reluctant to do it in case I misrepresent the facts.

    Is it a case of a committee member having installed an electrical conduit on common property without permission and the strata manager having failed to issue a warning or order to remove it?

    If not, what is the question?

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