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    We’re having a problem with religious proselytisers who (legally) ignore do not knock signs and refuse to stop when asked. Whilst disrespectful they know the law and knock as they want. With our resident shift workers they are waking them during their sleeping times.

    Is there any way to get a legal message to them here in Victoria that we don’t want them on the property? Sign wording that can be relied upon? With a common driveway and no way to secure it anybody can walk down and knock on the doors.

    We’ve discussed it at previous OC meetings and none of us want them to come a’knocking.

    However they insist they have the right to knock on every door regardless of they’re told.

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    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Go over their heads in either of two ways.

    1) Find out who is their local minister/priest/guru/whatever and explain that you do not want to be disturbed. Persistent visits after being told about the shift workers amounts to harassment and nuisance, which are actionable under the law. Say that if this nuisance continues, the OC intends to take advice on legal action. Put it in writing from the chair of the Owners Corporation.

    2) A sign that says:

    “Dear Religious Evangelists,

    Many of our residents are shift workers who need to sleep during the day. Your persistent knocking after being asked to desist is inconsiderate. We have gone over your heads and it has been revealed to us that God does not want you to disturb us either.


    The Residents of ….”


    The best response I’ve heard to the doorstop statement: “We’ve come to tell you about Jesus!” was “Oh, what has he done now?”

    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    My father was a minister and uni lecturer in philosophy, especially religion. He would sound slightly interested but appear to vaguely recall some apparently contradictory passage from the bible. The proselytisers would counter with some other quote but he would match that with some other inconsistency and so it would go with the debate escalating until eventually they would be backing away up the path commenting that my father appeared to actually be quite familiar with the bible and they rarely returned.


    Hi Jimmy, loved the recent podcast where this was discussed.

    Answering the door naked would probably work, even my cat averts her eyes when I’m undressed, but too many of the proselytisers have children with them now.

    Still, I’ve recently told a few of them to go forth and multiply and they eventually assure me they’ll put me on their do not knock list, so here’s hoping they were telling the truth.


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