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    I hope I have submitted against the correct thread!

    My question relates to a Kitchen “upgrade” vs “full renovation” according to the by-Laws …

    Our by-laws state a kitchen renovation is a Minor Renovation but does not go into detail of what a renovation means.  I am not pulling out the whole kitchen and replacing it.  My plans are to simply replace the cabinet doors, replace the appliances, replace the benchtop and the splashback.  No plumbing or electrical is being moved, no appliances being moved, and the carcase of all cabinets stays as is.  My understanding is that there is no waterproofing in a kitchen, which is why a kitchen renovation is not considered “major renovation” like a bathroom is.

    My question is – was is the difference between an “upgrade/update” and “renovation” in the context of the new strata by-laws and the permissions required to do an upgrade only.

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    It’s cosmetic.  Just let the committee or manager know what you are doing and when you are doing it in case you need a parking space for the tradies or padding for the lifts.  You don’t need their permission, just their cooperation.

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