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    A relatively recent resident is making our EC meetings practically unworkable. Not on the EC (chose not to nominate at last AGM) and therefore (as I understand it), not really allowed to speak unless invited, they constantly interrupt, interject, talk over and shout down everybody else, making rational discussion impossible.

    When our Strata Manager (who chairs the meetings) attempts to close them down, he is accused of bias, and of acting unprofessionally. Their behaviour verges on the unhinged.

    Meetings that should be orderly and take at a maximum 1 hour are taking 3 hours plus, and are frankly descending into a shambles. They have also performed other unwelcome acts – like banging on the doors of EC members and sending accusatory emails to their private email addresses.

    They have been sent a solicitor’s letter asking them to desist but they continue unabated with the emails. The EC was elected by popular vote at the last AGM and is firmly united, and has the support of the Strata Manager. What can be done?

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