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    Hi there,

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered already somewhere else in the forum.. I’m thinking of launching a residential property review website for past residents (e.g. tenants) to provide reviews on properties they have lived in. 

    The website would allow the past resident to publish their review against a specific property for the public to read. 

    I’m trying to get a sense of whether or not past residents would post a review on my website. 

    If you have experienced frustration as a past resident at some point in time I am speaking to you. Or perhaps you enjoyed where you lived and want to let others know how good the property/neighbourhood/Real-estate agency/Strata company was.

    Can you please let me know if you would or would not post a review on the website I wish to develop? The review would take between 2 – 5 min to complete from start to finish.

    Many thanks

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