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    Tony Montana

    Our building of approx 50 units needs an upgrade of the front door entry system, which is by RF swipe card
    Current provider charges > $200 for issuing a new swipe card on request by an owner
    Rudimentary research indicates a swipe card can be cloned for as little as $20 using Open Source Software and a USB based swipe card programmer, so we are in the market
    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Tony Montana

    thanks again

    really enjoy your AFR contribs too!



    Have a look a these previous posts HERE and HERE.

    Biometric security may feel like overkill in your situation and it has its drawbacks, as discussed.

    Because people forget things, never read their emails and generally want to be able to come and go without thinking about it, I am drawn to a combination of bluetooth and keypad activated entry systems.

    Most people have a phone and know how to set up bluetooth connections. For those who don’t, a reprogrammable keypad would provide an option as well as being a backup for forgotten phones.

    In the case of a rapid turnover of tenants, illicit Airbnb or overcrowding, keypads might not be great but then, unless you have biometrics in your key fobs, anything can be by-passed with dead-letter drops and the like.

    Oh, and $200 for replacement clonable key fobs is a rip-off in anyone’s language.  Your instincts to look for a change are sound.


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