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    Hi all,

    We have had this apartment for 8 years, but have only recently decided to move into it. During these 8 years, there is a couple who runs the place and basically what they say , goes. No one questions it . They have been there the longest.

    In the past few years, we noted that repairs were not being done or being done very cheaply. The wife is the Chairperson. She has total control . Tradespeople are given instructions that they are not to talk to anyone except her. A lot of disturbing discrepancies have occurred.

    We are having our AGM. I am on the Committee and have started to ask lots of questions. We have been sent the financial statements, which just categorises expenses. I have requested the invoices. The Strata Manager sent some but said that if I want all of them , we will be charged for the time taken.

    I dont know what I can or cannot request without rocking the boat. Are we supposed to accept the amounts in the Financial statement without knowing what they individually consisted of ? We do not have a Treasurer or Secretary. Is the Chairperson supposed to check the amounts?  If there are no check measures, then there is no transparency and scope for fraud.

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