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    Leigh M

    We own 2 units in a block of 4. All units are identical but one has a supplementary laundry building. It has attached only at one wall, and all other parts are separate to the rest of the main building – think 1950’s lean-to. We recently removed the asbestos ceiling (at our own personal cost) only to reveal that the roof is entirely rotted and must be replaced. It is dangerous and leaking. Our strata manager has advised that it is a ‘replacement’ not a ‘repair’, even though we plan to replace like for like, and the only way to repair it is to replace it. As such, a special resolution is required. The dynamic of our building is that one owner never participated, including no proxy, and the other owner always objects. So, should we call a vote to repair our own roof, the motion will be defeated.

    It seems like madness that we could end up in that position.

    Is there a way that the committee (is, us) can execute an approval on the grounds of repairs given that it is our responsibility to maintain our building in a safe and compliant manner?

    If not, how do we get around a split vote so that we can actually use the property which we own, but is currently uninhabitable?

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