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    OK, we want to do a quick health check on the Flat Chat Forum.  It seems to be rattling along in fine form but are we missing something?

    Is it easy for Flatchatters to register, log in and post? Is it easy for you to respond to other posts?

    Is there something we used to have that you …https://www.flat-chat.com.au/roundup-a-quick-health-check-on-the-flat-chat-forum/

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    With the old layout the time of the most recent post in each thread was shown.


    This was reinstated for awhile but has now disappeared.

    Seeing the time of the most recent post means that I know there is a new reply and can read it.


    Is it possible to reinstate this feature please?


    Hi Jimmy,

    Second the vote of thanks for this fabulously informative website and thank you for your work in updating it all.

    My feedback is that if you search the webiste using the search box in the top right of each web page you get slightly different results and the results are presented differently. This is a bit confusing.


    You’re very welcome. It’s taking a while for everything to settle down (witness the fact that this topic is listed twice under the same heading but different forums)  but we’re getting there.

    Thanks for sticking with us.


    Hi Jimmy and all. I took a little while to work out how to add a post on the new platform (scroll down!) Now I’m used to it, I want to take this opportunity to make a general statement: Thank goodness you are there with your team!

    I so appreciate knowing your speedy, free and accurate advice is available. I’ve had conflicting advice from NSW Fair Trading in the past, it seems to depend on who answers the phone there. I’ve also got a law degree so I usually understand legislation, but our Strata Management Act could be a lot clearer!

    I remember your SMH column and always found it interesting over many years. Didn’t realise until I later swapped a house for a unit, how hard it can be for owners, and how little oversight there is, particularly on strata managers who take advantage of the ignorance and busy-ness of Committees.

    Not to mention the odd greedy owner who seems to think they own the whole building! So, THANKS!




    Hi Jimmy, I am in accord with Sir Humphrey’s sentiments, in that it seemed moderators were in charge if any comment from me was awry.   I’m extra cautious as a result.  That’s ok too, however, knowing moderators were in charge reassured that there were no slip-ups from a relative newcomer. Thanks too.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    The way it is set up at the moment, posters who’ve had a post OK’d previously, then have subsequent posts automatically approved.  I’m looking at this as I’d rather have every post moderated individually, for no other reason that posters can inadvertently defame individuals and companies.

    The issue of “new posts” is also being looked at.

    The reason for the change was that the previous forum software was breaking the whole website.  BBpress (which we are using now) is a completely new platform and is the industry standard.  But it works in a completely different way and it’s taking a wee bit of tweaking to get it as fully functional as the previous installation.

    But we’re on it


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    Sir Humphrey

    I may have missed something at the time of the change over. Am I right in thinking that posts now appear immediately to everyone but can be pulled down if deemed inappropriate by a moderator? Previously a post would only be visible to non-moderators after being approved.


    Hi Jimmy,


    On the old forum it was easy to see any new posts since my last login. They were marked with a NEW tag. And at the end of the forum topic list each of the topics with new posts were listed and marked with the NEW tag so it was easy to quickly see any new posts and go directly to them. I really miss this feature.

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