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    Hi everyone,

    How can we increase the momentum for instigating a Royal Commission into Strata Agent/Companies?

    My pen is poised for when it is announced!


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    And, I have been told by a former Strata Community Australia member that when they took proof of a (non-SCA) strata manager’s highly dubious and possibly illegal conduct to Fair Trading, the response was that their behaviour was “standard industry practice” and therefore there was no question of them having their licence cancelled.


    Yes JT, three (3) day course – says it all really, doesn’t it? Not dissimilar to a real estate licence!

    Fey Knows, you are absolutely right. A squillion dollar unregulated industry indeed.

    And I know a person (friend of a friend) who lasted 12 months as a Strata manager – he said it was soul destroying – skimming 20% off all quotes & contracts, constantly misleading (lying to) owners & bleeding money from the O/C endlessly causing depletion of accounts. Really have to ask, how low can you go? Unscrupulous, immoral spivs.

    Any type of public enquiry into Strata companies would be great, considering all the units being built by their developer mates, they’re just rubbing their dirty hands together with glee and our money!

    Fey Knows

    Is SCA the one who looks after the interests of strata managers as opposed to the OCN? Anyhow “How hard can it be” you ask? I’m taking that as a rhetorical question and thinking ‘not very hard at all’ but then…

    I reckon the strata management industry must be a squillion dollar industry, in fact I know it is, with one giant internationally owned company slowly eating up other ones it thinks are worth it.

    There are wheels-within-wheels too, such as arrangements with investment banks for vast amounts of OC funds, fee transaction systems and such.

    The minnow strata managers trying to build an attractive business to be taken over don’t have owners interests at heart either. “Body Corporate work? It’s like a license to print money!” a trade living in our building once said memorably.

    A young bloke I know who spent about five minutes working for a small strata manager said: “I just did not believe the largesse being handed out by suppliers and it wasn’t even Christmas.” Commissions? Of course not! Corruption? No way!

    Oh, you’ve read this far? I’ll sign off by saying make sure you’ve got a super-attentive Strata Committee. And yeah! How about a Royal Commission! Or better still, a 4 Corners two-part expose.



    SCA are offering a three-day course on qualifying to be a strata manager with no prior educational requirements (apparently your educational requirements are fulfilled by completing the course) and you can do it online.

    How hard can it be?

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    We have had a terrible experience with our strata manager!!! I cannot believe they get away with it. No responses to emails, failure to take proper minutes of meeting, six months to get ONE quote for urgent work. This is my first time dealing with a strata company and I am shocked.


    I think strata managers would be well down the list for a Royal Commission, even in the strata industry, after developers, builders and certifiers.

    What we really need is an investigation of how this whole industry has been allowed to evolve the way it has over the past quarter of a century, with politicians ranging from the blatantly corrupt to the incompetent and clearly unengaged.

    The ridiculous situation whereby NCAT can issue orders but not penalise miscreants for ignoring them is indicative of the slapdash, who cares? attitudes successive governments have to strata.

    Get strata out of Fair Trading and into either a Housing super-Ministry or into the Department of Justice  (alongside NCAT, as they have in Queensland) and we can start making some real and effective changes.

    And as for strata managers, maybe it’s time we had a Tripadvisor for them too (ain’t gonna happen).

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