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    Hi there, we recently had two cases of people turning up at 2am and buzzing all the unit numbers on the intercom.

    We have CCTV footage of the offenders and of people letting them in. These incidents disturbed, and upset, many residents,

    Are we able to put still images of the offenders on the notice board asking for information regarding those involved?


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    I don’t see why not?  As long as you aren’t accusing them of anything and do it under the pretext of wanting to let them know about the conditions of entry to the building, where’s the harm.

    Meanwhile, you might  want to check your by-laws and see if you can ping the residents for failure to control the behaviour of their invited guests.

    The current model by-laws say this:

    7   Behaviour of owners, occupiers and invitees

    (2)  An owner or occupier of a lot must take all reasonable steps to ensure that invitees of the owner or occupier—

    (a)  do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the owner or occupier of another lot …

    You may have  that by-law or something similar.  Get your committee or strata manager to send them a Notice To Comply on the official form. NB:  You don’t need to send them a warning – an NTC is a warning … it just comes with potential penalties if they repeat the offence.
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