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    I’m in Community property development in the Snowy Mountains. There are 24 lots spread over about 3km of road frontage. We don’t have mail deliveries and no one has a letterbox.

    Our management statement requires that executive committee meetings are notified 24 hours in advance by an on site letterbox drop (probably a standard strata rule). However, as no one has a letterbox and about a third of owners are only occasional visitors this rule is impractical.

    Can anyone suggest a more practical rule to propose at our next meeting?



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    Members of our OC are given the choice to receive EC notifications & minutes via email. Has cut down on postage costs & makes communication/record keeping much easier. You could try suggesting a similar setup.


    We have a by-law which permits AGM/EC notifications & minutes to be received by email.



    It’s not a standard strata rule as notification of an Executive Committee Meeting is required at least 72 hours before.   For Community Titles you have a Community Roll which should list owners’ names and an Australian address for each owner.  Obviously if notices are to be posted then you should allow sufficient mailing time for each notice to be received before the meeting, I’d suggest a week. 

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