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    The caretaker managers of our block on the Gold Coast have just received another four years added to their contract in very questionable circumstances which takes the management agreement to 2046. Ye, it’s now a 25-year contract.
    The owners were asked to vote in a secret ballot to extend the agreement for Management Contract for another 4 years, the motion was put to us from our Committee as apparently the management company  could not apply again as the Body Corp had given them a 5 year extension in 2020.
    This is where it all becomes very interesting or not.
    Firstly the voting papers were late arriving, some never, to the stage you could still get one from the chairman on the day. People were told at the last minute you could vote online, a very, very badly attempt  to run a correct A.G.M
    The Returning Officer counted the votes and declared the motion was won by the Body Corp, rejecting the extension,  by one vote. That all happened on the 30th of August now on the 20th September we received an email dated the 16th of September that the vote had been overturned by the chairman as two votes were listed incorrectly.
    My point is ,it was a secret ballot our lots were never read out so we have no idea whose vote was counted or not , yet when we left 2 votes were found the Returning Officer changed her mind and the chairman overturned the vote.
    You have probably read many an email like this but we now have Management laughing at us, enough is enough.
    The last point I would like to make is our committee is asking us to spend two million dollars on a foyer refurbishment with little or no input from owners. The whole design the interior decorator put forward had to be scrapped as it was not fire retardant and way too expensive.
    Any suggestions as to how we can deal with all the above would be appreciated by all owners as this is our home for most people longer than 20 years.
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    Frank Higginson of Hynes Legal (who took part in the Strata of Origin webinar that I refereed earlier this week) says you should look here for “all the help you could want”: https://www.qld.gov.au/law/housing-and-neighbours/body-corporate.

    That’s a pretty complicated website to wade through so I suggest you might also call the authorities on 1800 060 119 and talk it through with someone there.

    Let us know how you go.

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