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    This concerns a 32 unit strata in NSW.

    Approval was given at a EGM for the owner to renovate their apartment and to replace the doors and windows at their expense,

    The doors and windows were to be the same as the previous doors and windows in appearance, colour, and style and to be the same design as the other doors and windows already in the Strata since inception.

    However the W & D have been installed and they are not in keeping with the W&D already in the building.

    The difference mainly being in the fixed panel of glass being twice the width of the others and also some other issues.

    In the past the EC has not enforced some by-laws where Owners just did what they wanted with no permission granted and some Owners are concerned that this will happen again.

    In the past the appearance of the building was changed and the same thing is being incurred now.

    What can be done about this now?

    And in anticipation that the EC doesn’t do anything about it, what are the options for the Owners to consider ?

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