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    I own a SEPP5 apartment which was rented & just vacated. Does the new leader have to be over 55 or disabled or is it sufficient that as the owner is over 55, can rent to a professional couple. Nothing in by-laws about this. Can lease apartment 10 times over but over 55 proving very restrictive. If someone has a disability, what efforts have to be shown that disability is genuine or mental health. Surely confidentiality would prevent intense scrutiny

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    This what the Planning NSW advisory to local councils says on page 21:

    SEPP Seniors Living Housing can be occupied only by seniors (aged 55 year or over) or people with a disability, people who live with them or staff employed to assist in the administration of and provision of services to housing provided under the policy. The Policy requires that consent authorities impose a condition of consent which restricts occupancy to these groups.

    The logic is that you have benefitted from a lower purchase price by offering to accommodate seniors or people with disabilities only.  It’s swings and roundabouts, but perhaps a more active marketting campaign in publications likely to be read by seniors might assist.

    Have a look at this website and Google “NDIS Housing Investment” and see what pops up there. Some agencies are pronising  10-14 per cent Return on Investment but we can’t endorse any of them, if only because we aren’t familier with this area.

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