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    I live in a unit block that backs onto a park. The Sydney Water connection point is at boundary at rear of property.

    It is marked on our Sewerage System Diagram and has been verified by Sydney Water.  The outgoing sewer pipe goes from the Connection Point to under the park, and then onwards to the main sewer on the other side of the park.

    Recently our building has been having sewerage problems, apparently caused by tree roots entering the pipe that goes under the park.  Our Strata Manager has sent plumbers, who have cleared the pipe with eels and done relining work.  It’s very expensive.

    Sydney Water Policy re their pipes is :-  “Sydney Water is responsible for the wastewater pipes from our network up to the property connection point”.

    The cost of these repairs has been passed onto owners in this building.  I asked the Strata Manager why these repair costs hadn’t been referred to Sydney Water, as it is their pipe.

    He is adamant that the repair costs must be borne by the unit owners, and continually refers to advice that he has received from plumbing contractors.  He doesn’t seem conversant with Sydney Water policy.

    The plumbing contractors are now recommending further work on the pipe.  Is there any action we can take to clarify who is responsible for the cost of these repairs ?

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