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    Hello, We have a mold issue in the common property roof cavity that has penetrated the ceilings and into the units below. The mould report specialist says this is condition 3 mold and all the furniture must be removed and re-mediated as condition 3 mold is harmful to human health. We have been advised to move out until the strata fix it. Strata say that everything will be safe in 2 hours after they spray Silber siber Gas into the area. I cannot find anything on the internet about this product and weather or not it complies to Australian Standards. Has anyone heard about this gas? thanks, Newlsie

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    Thank you very much for getting the name correct for me. I know about Mould Werx. They seem to be the only people in Sydney with this system. If I can find out if it complies to Australian Standards I will be happy. I will call the Health Department – thanks.


    It’s called Lysis Silber. Google that for a number of companies offering treatment.

    Lady PenelopeLady Penelope

    Do you have the correct spelling for the product that will be used?
    Overseas studies seem to support findings that Chlorine Dioxide gas seems to work on the majority of toxic moulds but I am not sure whether that particular gas contains the same elements as ‘silber siber’?????

    Perhaps you could phone and ask questions of your government health unit: in NSW call 1300 066 055
    Or phone Commonwealth Department of Health Free Call: 1800 638 528 | Phone: +61 2 8577 8800

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