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    Dear Flat chatters

    I am outraged – we have a lady who owns 2 units in out block of 7.  One of her units is poorly maintained – she never sends licenced tradies to fix situations.

    latest – split air con is leaking into wall and tripping electricals (previous repair sticky tape) and down into unit below – so is the plumbing under sink.  The owner never sends licenced plumbers / air con professionals to fix these on-going issues.  Strata say there is nothing they can do? REALLY? why cant we send in strata plumber / air con repairs and send slumlord bill?

    other issue is electricals – the light switches and dimmers are falling out of wall and lights not turning off (original replaced by dodgy electrician)

    tenant – behind in rent, police called constantly with drug addicted violent boyfriend visiting.  Unit has rotten garbage everywhere

    what do we do – this puts danger to rest of building

    please help and advise – I am at wits end.

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