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    I fielded a phone call from a former NSW Fair Trading Minister the other day asking why there isn’t such a thing as a not-for-profit strata management agency.

    By the way, I’m not dobbing anyone in here – there are at least five former strata managers currently roaming the corridors of power in Macquarie St, Sydney.

    Back to …

    Strata AnswersStrata Answers
    (from NSW)

    Pro Bono Strata Management ?
    Not sure how ready the SM industry is for this…not sure whether at $200 per hour charge rates SM’s have the wiggle room / capacity for pro bono work that lawyers have with their $400 per hour rates……

    What’s missing is the Partnership between SM’s and Owners / Committees.

    Too many owners corporations / bodies corporate view their strata manager as someone they can delegate all responsibilities to, washing their hands of responsibility for their building’s future. Uninformed expectations of strata managers from unengaged owners & committees fuel tensions and help perpetuate the blame game that we are all spectators to.

    It is indeed hard for small schemes to find the money to pay for an effective strata manager.
    If owners thought about exactly how they spent their $5000 per year, then they could make the money go further.

    The SM industry needs to look more closely at client needs and figure out where at $200 an hour they can offer value and where owners and committee members need to step up and contribute to some of the work.

    The first thing that lawyers, doctors and other professions do, is to get a feel for their clients and their client’s needs; the SM profession needs to look more to this model and move away from offering a generic commodity called strata management.

    SM’s genuinely partnering with schemes can make the money go further.

    S T R A T A A N S W E R S PTY LTD practical solutions for strata living
    abn 11 600 590 083


    There are many stories of incompetent (and more) strata managers and I’m sure many are true. On the other hand the way I see some people treat strata managers makes me think they don’t earn enough money to justify the abuse they suffer. A not-for-profit strata manager? You gotta be kidding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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