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    A storm water pipe is leaking from a another owners courtyard and planter box. The storm water pipe that goes through the slab into the garage area is then in common property of the garageĀ  area. It then leaks and runs all into my garage area damaging property that is on the ground. The Strata manager is saying they cant repair it as it belongs to the courtyard of another owner and is not common property and there is nothing they can do. I also have another 6 storm water pipes that leak from other owners courtyards and they all leak and sometimes floods right into my garage with heavy rain. I always thought that owners only own the airspace in a strata complex.

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    The down pipes are common property.

    Though the particular pipe you mention is in one lot, generally down pipes service more than one lot ( you need to think about all the down Pipes)

    In any case, write to the OC asking for the pipes to be fixed. Whilst the OC works out who is responsible for the pipes, the OC has the power to fix the issue, and then pay for it themselves , if it’s common property, or charge the lot owner.

    There is little need for you to suffer.

    An alternative is to ask the offending lot owner to rectify the problem saying that it is causing damage to your property and you will seek damages. I bet that lot owner gets onto the OC quickly. Now you have two fighting one.

    BTW get another strata manager. The current one seems clueless.

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